14 1 / 2013

hahaa, gotta love them!

hahaa, gotta love them!

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07 1 / 2013

With all due respect I do respect you enough to expectEffort is all I askIf we gonna last more, I gotta ask for moreAnd if that means that I’m askin for too muchI’m sure we’ll end up as our last or…pastWe bashWe blastWe shootWe loseWe pass…..war

With all due respect I do respect you enough to expect
Effort is all I ask
If we gonna last more, I gotta ask for more
And if that means that I’m askin for too much
I’m sure we’ll end up as our last or…past
We bash
We blast
We shoot
We lose
We pass…..war

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29 12 / 2012


Rihanna, “Loveeeeeee Song”


Rihanna, “Loveeeeeee Song”

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29 12 / 2012

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18 12 / 2012

I be hearing the shit you say thru the grape vine.

I be hearing the shit you say thru the grape vine.

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18 12 / 2012

If their is no struggle their is no progress.

I keep telling myself that all this struggle is happening for a reason. 

Not being financially stable for a couple months, not being able to go out as a family, not being able to do fun things, is happening for a reason.

Maybe because a new year is coming with better opportunities, better decision making or maybe im struggling right now because Im going to win the lottery?! Kidding.

Or maybe god is teaching me a lesson that there are people out there in the world who wish they had everything I have even though for me its not enough. 

I’m not sure what’s going on, but I just hope that everything gets better because I really am trying. I swear I am. I’m trying to go back to school to finish my degree and get a good career because I want to be able to enjoy life with Noah right now that he’s a baby. I want to be able to go on vacations after working for so long. I want to own a house with a big yard, maybe a farm. 

I just know everything will  be alight as long as I keep my cool and just think positive. Not let the negative side of being broke get to me. 

You gotta start some where. 

07 12 / 2012


I swear, I don’t know many people who have SO MUCH PATIENCE  for SO MUCH BULLSHIT. I think god gave me a gift. Because I have never such a nice person who some hoe manages to forgive people who 

1/ dont deserve to be forgiven

2/ who doesn’t listen

3/ who always talk shit

This goes for everyone who has done something wrong to me. I’ve always came to peace with so many people it makes my soul feel better and I feel like im a bigger person growing and maturing. 

Another thing, if you know me well, you know that I am a very loyal person when it comes to me defending you. But I know you are wrong I’m not going to defend you as much as I love you. Rather you are a family or friend; that’s just me. 

My patience grows more and more and I don’t think I should be doing that because after a while being a peace maker is annoying. I don’t want to waste energy stopping a fight, argument or anything that involves a problem not being solved. I’d rather use my energy with Noah, someone who deserves and appreciates my kindness and my energy.

I guess people are right patience is a virtue. 

03 12 / 2012

Even the best fall down sometimes, even the wrong words seem to rhyme. Out of the doubt that fills my mind, I finally find you and I collide.

- Howie Day

——- C.O.L.L.I.D.E

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27 11 / 2012

master plan

I haven’t been on my Tumblr probably since I opened a new blog dealing with my pregnancy. BUT now that it’s over I’m back on my grind. 

So right now I’m sitting here at work thinking about where me and my little family will be in 30 years…

I’m on the computer looking at mansions and ranches and I’m getting angry because I wish I had that much to even afford that type of living. 

I think to myself “how the hell do the people who rent or own these places do for a living”

Then I get angry. Grr.

I have to think of a master plan to get rich.

27 11 / 2012


not to be confused..


not to be confused..

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